• 5 Powerful Tips To Persuasion!


    Having excellent persuasion skills is one of the most important abilities to possess in today's fast-paced world. We all need the support and cooperation of others in helping us reach our own personal goals. The saying that "no man is an Island" is an undeniable truth.

    These are some tips to influence effectively and persuade others to buy your product or service.

    1. Provide an Understanding Attitude.

    Enter into their world. You must understand their situation. Look at life from their point of view. This is a time to set aside your personal interests in order to concentrate on your prospective buyer. Do not talk about you. Ask questions to learn about them.

    If you were this person, what would you do? How would feel? What would your opinion be? Once you have these answers, then, take the appropriate action that would benefit them.

    It would not hurt to mirror some of their actions. You don't want to be too obvious about mirroring, but it is helpful so that others relax in your presence. It is as if they see themselves in you. This can lead to trust.

    2. Provide a Friendly Atmosphere.

    Smile to brighten up the day. Make a sincere compliment to raise their spirits. Little things like this count a lot.

    Make them feel that whenever they need help or just someone to look up to, you will always be there to lend a hand. They will tend to be more receptive in a caring environment.

    If you want others to respond to your requests, be sure to go the extra mile. Always over deliver and exceed their expectations. It really does not cost much extra time or money to over deliver, but it pays off in dividends. Others will notice and want that kind of service.

    3. Provide compelling evidence.

    Explain how your ideas or suggestions could be the most effective techniques to implement. Show undeniable proof that you have the best product by way of testimonials, before and after scenarios. Give detailed comparisons against your competitors. Make sure all your claims are true and verifiable. You want to maintain a good reputation.

    4. Provide Solutions to Meet the Needs of Others.

    This point is very important. "Finding a need and meeting it" is probably one of the most effective ways to persuade others to buy your product or use your service. People are formatively concerned with their own well-being before others. If you can prove that your proposal is in their best interest and will provide substantial benefits, they will more than likely accept your presentation.

    5. Provide an Expert Mind-Set.

    People want to know that you understand what you are presenting to them. Be confident. Do the necessary homework so that you have answers to questions that may arise. This is not a time to be proud or arrogant, but rather certain.

    Copyright 2005 John Neyman Jr

    John E. Neyman, Jr., PhD.


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